Statue mash up

Carrying on our trip around Daishoi-In Shrine we come across a room full of little gold statues.

This is the room of 1000 Fudo Images. Commemorating the succession of the current (77th) head priest, one thousand Fudo myo-o, or Immovable King, images were donated by worshippers.

The shrine is stuffed to the gills with a variety of wacky statues and religious deities.

Below the statue in the middle is a Tengu, with wings and long nose, these have been considered to possess supernatural powers since ancient times.

Various Tengu legends and faiths were created, leading them to deification. Tengu are indispensable to the holy sites in mountains.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate these lines of adorable teeny tiny buddha babies!

Could they actually get any cuter?! I certainly do not think so!! How many can I stuff in my suitcase? . . .


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