Odds and ends

It’s the last few memories of Kyoto now before we head onto our final destination.

We check out the atmospheric bamboo forests in Arashiyama. The light is fading so it adds a slightly gloomy feel to the eerie, empty forest.

20161012_170515The bamboo forest paths which are over 500 meters long are set between Tenryuji temple and Nonomiya Shrine.

Then we enjoy the kimono forest again as the colourful pillars light up as darkness approaches.

Plus we enjoy a foot spa, slap bang in the middle of the train station platform!


Before heading back for our final night in Kyoto. We still enjoy Japanese public transport.


On our final evening we have another drift around Kyoto enjoying some of the quirky signs and adverts.

Particularly enjoy this colourful spectacle outside a traditional (ish) restaurant!


Now our epic trip rumbles onto its final stop – Osaka! . .. so nearly the end 🙁

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