Bye bye Don Quixote

The time has come to make our last visit (of this trip at least) to the mecca of consumerism that is Don Quixote!

This temple of tat, paradise of products, hallowed ground of goody grabbing . . .

How we will miss it. Where else can you stick your head through a “traditional” Japanese welcome sign and then buy tiny chocolate geishas by the bucket load?

Or indulge your inner child with these adorable plushy Pikachu and Hello Kitty hats.


Or cosplay as a little furry alien or slightly disturbing deer (or moose?) with a pink nurses hat?


How we miss the zany, multi coloured fantasy world of Don Quixote!! Still mourning it 12 months later . ..

Here are a few more random snaps of the types of colourful, crazy consumerables on offer!

The man models some “interesting” underpants . .

It’s an intriguing mixture of delicate, traditional Japanese style crafts and gifts and tacky, plastic rubbish!

Then you get high end, designer brands such as Luis Vuitton, but all displayed as if it’s Primark!

Bundled together in wire baskets and tackily on show circa the old Ratnor’s style marketing . .

For the Halloween lovers amongst us, the Japanese seem to love this season and there’s lots to choose from.


But for people with a less blood thirsty side there is endless cutesy cute stuff too.

Finally let’s just have a final look at one of my favourite things about Japan – all the mental packaging!!

So colourful and so uninformative! Who knows what is inside . . .

Never mind. Just TAKE MY MONEY!!

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