Alonissos town

After our encounter with the local nudist beach we high tail it back to see if the Chora has woken up yet! And we are delighted to see that the shops have thrown open their shutters and started to open up. Whether its painted tin cups or locally made colourful candles, I can’t resist aContinue reading “Alonissos town”

Maze of markets

Madrid has a host of markets to enjoy and El Rasto is one of the best known and well established. It’s a transient flea market that offers a wide range of goods from clothes to traditional food and random antiques. Stalls are grouped by goods for sale, whether it’s antique books, weird object d’art orContinue reading “Maze of markets”

Galeries Lafayette Xmas

Galeries Lafayette is one of the most popular, chic and distinguished shopping centres in Paris.  You can browse this temple to consumerism under a stunning 100 year-old steel and glass Coupole. The Galeries Lafayette offers its visitors a splendid glass Coupole, rising to a height of 43 meters, which can be seen from across theContinue reading “Galeries Lafayette Xmas”

Colourful Chinatown

Even though we turned our eyes westward for our honeymoon we can’t quite escape our love of all things Asian. So we’re heading to Chinatown for a snoot around. Manhattan’s Chinatown is home to the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere with an estimated population between 90,000 and 100,000 people and isContinue reading “Colourful Chinatown”

Bye bye Don Quixote

The time has come to make our last visit (of this trip at least) to the mecca of consumerism that is Don Quixote! This temple of tat, paradise of products, hallowed ground of goody grabbing . . . How we will miss it. Where else can you stick your head through a “traditional” Japanese welcomeContinue reading “Bye bye Don Quixote”

Colourful clothing and consumerism

As we pass through the streets of Kyoto I stealthily snap away at some of the beautiful, colourful ladies parading in traditional costume. Locals and tourists alike enjoy hiring these elaborate outfits. The women we spot are mainly wearing Yukata. These are inexpensive, informal summer robe for summer that’s popular for cherry blossom viewing parties, festivals andContinue reading “Colourful clothing and consumerism”

Shopping, shrines and sweeties

We’re back in Kyoto in the gorgeous shopping streets of Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka. The names Ninen-zaka and Sannen-zaka, mean ‘Two-Year Hill’ and ‘Three-Year Hill’ . These are referring to the ancient imperial years when they were first laid out. Legend has it that you will die within two years if you fall down on Ninen-zaka and youContinue reading “Shopping, shrines and sweeties”