Touristy Torremolinos

Heading back towards Malaga we stop off in the tourist mecca of Torremolinos to see what attracts so many people each year.

Torremonlinos was the first Costa del Sol resort to be developed back in the early sixties when it was little more than a sleepy village.


At the peak of its popularity in the 50s and 60s it became a go to resort for the cheap package holiday crowd but also became blighted with endless high rises.

We only had a quick wander along the beach front which is lined with endless boutique shops, cafes, bars and beach gubbins.

There’s very little of traditional Spain to be found here but it is actually quite a nice stretch of beach.

Having always been a bit of a closet package holiday snob I have never really seen the appeal of the Torremolinos and Benidorms of this world, but each to their own!

With every thing on hand (and on tap for the beer lovers amongst us) Torremolinos offers an easy, safe and relaxing option for holiday makers who enjoy soaking up the sun and completely relaxing.

Not our usual style of holiday but sneakily, as I get older and older, I am starting to see the appeal of curling up on a sunlounger with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other .  ..

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