Malaga moments

After sating my need to snap mountains of fruit and veg we head into Malaga town to check out some sights.

I’ve previously only seen Malaga cathedral from the outside but as the mum enjoys a good church potter we headed inside!

Original plans would have seen the structure with two towers but funds ran out.

The fact that only one tower has been finished led to the cathedral being called “La Manquita” AKA “The One-Armed Lady”.


The cathedral is a mix of diverse architectural styles including Gothic in the ground floor, Renaissance and Baroque.

The cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782 near to the site of a former mosque.

Once we’ve had our fill of inspiring religious architecture we mooch around to the Picasso museum (not to visit obviously – that costs money!)

But I snap a few souvenir pics so I feel that i have seen the main bits anyway!!

Then it’s off for a spot of tapas and sangria but en-route I am entranced by some epic scale wall art.


These fantastic rainbow murals depict a variety of traditional Spanish themes including sultry dancing ladies.


These fantastic creations are the work of artist Jonathan Morillas and adorn the square of the Jewish quarter.



Mum acts as a measuring scale to show the epic proportions of these colourful images.

Meanwhile I get a bit freaked out by how many eyes are in this pictures! A bit creepy. . .


That’s the joy of exploring different cities and countries, so many details to discover!

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