Hot rocks and ruins

Close to the village of Pyli in Kos island, there is a half-ruined, abandoned settlement known as Old Pyli.

This atmospheric (and sweltering!) collection of old tumble down houses, churches and other ruins can be explored on foot.


Above this abandoned village is the Castle of Pyli which was built in the Byzantine times and flourished from the 9th to the 11th century.


Another interesting feature is at Agios Fokas – a sea-pool with hot springs, known as the thermes.

Located down a steep hill and at the end of a 250 metre-long pebbled beach they are a little arduous to get to.

In the pool the searingly hot water usually ranges between 42C and 50C – far too hot for me but just right for the heat seeking man!

As you can see it’s a popular place that often has to get rebuilt by locals as rough winter seas knock down the surrounding stones.

The hottest water issues from a crack in the rock and this is almost boiling, it’s better to try closer to the sea in order to stop from frazzling . . .

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