Vieste is a coastal town in Gargano National Park. It’s a pretty seaside town that sits on a white cliffed promontory jutting into the sea.

In medieval times, the port was frequently attacked by pirates, Saracens and other enemies of the Kingdom of Naples.

Below the curious wooden structure is a Trabucco – a centuries-old traditional fishing machine that has been recognized as a cultural and historical heritage from the Apulia region.

Trabucchi are located where the sea is deep enough (at least 6 meters), and are built on rocky peaks generally oriented southeast or north in order to exploit the favorable marine current.

A huge net is lowered into the water through a complex system of winches and, likewise, promptly pulled up to retrieve its catch. At least two men are needed for the tough task of operating the winches that manoeuvre the giant net.

I love that this grumpy little feline has his own chair and a clear warning not to disturb!

On route back home for the evening we stop off for a bit more high octane beach chilling!

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