Grotta della Poesia

To end our epic journey around Puglia, we’re ending on another stunning natural high – a turquoise wonder that is loved by the locals.

The Cave of Poetry – Grotta della Poesia – in the southern part of Apulia is rightfully listed among the 10 most beautiful natural pools in the world according to National Geographic.

If you get there fairly early then you can almost get this serene place to yourselves – but it soon gets busy with sun worshipers and adrenalin junkies hurling themselves into the placid waters.

Naturally the little dare devil has to launch himself straight in – despite the somewhat chilly temperature.

The stunning beaches of Torre dell`Orso are a short drive away. This beach is considered one of the prettiest in Puglia and is famous for its white, sandy beaches, its clear water and the towering rock formations raising through the waters.

And that’s it! The end of our 2019 Puglian adventure – what a marvellous, and lesser known, corner of Italy. Well worth a leisurely exploration.

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