Magical Madrid

Our last trip abroad before the world ground to a halt, was a few days in the marvellous bustling city of Madrid in 2019. The capital, and most-populous, city of Spain.

We have an apartment in the Malasaña area – a hip, but slightly down at heel part of the city that is jam packed with little eateries, late night bars and plethora of street art . . heaven!

Malasaña is named after a 15-year-old girl Manuela Malasaña who once lived on San Andrés street. She was executed by the French following the uprising in 1808.

During the day the area is shuttered and quiet, allowing you to enjoy the colourful street art but at night the area is a buzzing hot spot of the young and the hip (so we were quite conspicuous!)

There’s every style of art on display, from basic tagging to full scale murals, colourful topical paste ups to political statements.

I could have happily just spent all our trip mooching around the myriad of streets, merrily snapping away.

So enjoy a few more colourful street scenes before we move onto some thing else . . .

Lizards, piggies and stoned grannies are all to be found plastered across shutters, walls and doorways.

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