We’re careering onwards with our whistle-stop tour of Yorkshire highlights and our bed for the night is in the faded old grande dame of the seaside resorts – Scarborough.

As we chose to live as far from the coast as it is possible to be in the UK (the landlocked Midlands) any trip to the seaside is always a delight – even on a grey, drizzly day!

For centuries the town, with its huge swathe of beach, chip shops and arcades, has been a popular seaside resort in the UK.

With the advent of cheap package holidays abroad it suffered the same fate as many of our popular tourist spots and saw falling visitor numbers and a gradual lapse into nostalgic slumber.

But the pandemic has given our home grown seasides a much needed shot in the arm and the crowds were flocking once more.

The town has attracted hosts of famous people over the decades including the Bronte sisters .

Anne Bronte in particular loved Scarborough and you’ll find her gravestone in Scarborough’s St Mary’s Church. I must get a picture next time I visit!

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