We’re careering onwards with our whistle-stop tour of Yorkshire highlights and our bed for the night is in the faded old grande dame of the seaside resorts – Scarborough. As we chose to live as far from the coast as it is possible to be in the UK (the landlocked Midlands) any trip to theContinue reading “Scarborough”

Gun powder, shell caves and detention cells

Carrying on our wet and windy tour of the lovely little Isles of Scilly. Here we take a tour of the defences of the Garrison on St Mary’s. They form one of the most remarkable and impressive coastal defence systems in England complete with tiny detention cell. There’s also a a sunken powder magazine, later calledContinue reading “Gun powder, shell caves and detention cells”

Flash back to the Scilly Isles

Just checking in and keeping the ole blog ticking along until the next trip! However I have found a real throw back trip to keep you going! I visited the glorious Scilly Isles way back in 2006 (hence the fresh faced look in the photos!) We stayed on St Mary’s, the largest of the islands.Continue reading “Flash back to the Scilly Isles”