We’re on the road again now and heading to Harrogate, but on route we happen to spot a river from the road, so pull over to have a look.

And what luck that we did or we would have missed the lovely town of Knaseborough.

The town centre is perched on the cliffs above the River Nidd and an impressive railway viaduct gives visitors an amazing arrival if you’re heading in by train

You’ll quickly notice a rather quirky feature of the town in that there are a few chequered board style houses dotted around.

One of the former owners of the Old Manor House in the town was a chess fanatic and chose to decorate his home to reflect that.

The building was painted like a chessboard in the 1800s and several other houses followed suite.

There is a bustling river front where you can hire boats, buy ice-creams and watch the world float by.

The town is also home to England’s oldest tourist attraction – Mother Shipton’s Cave.

Mother Shipton is England’s most famous Prophetess. She foretold the fates of several rulers during her lifetime, as well as the invention of iron ships, the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

The child of an unwed teenager, she was born in 1488 and named Ursula Sontheil.

Legend has it she was born during a violent thunder storm in a cave on the banks of the river Nidd.

And it was this cave that she spent most of her life, studying the ways of the forest and brewing potions and remedies.

Whatever the truth of the lore surrounding her, you can still visit the cave where she lived and explore the forests she grew up in to this day.

It’s time to head onwards to Harrogate now but here’s a few more colourful snaps from the back streets of this lovely little town.

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