Wild beach

Carrying on with our 2020 exploration of the Isle of Wight – our second trip to this compact little island.

This time we stumble across a stunning beach that feels wilder and less touristy than the others.

Totland beach is on the west coast of the island and has a windy swept, wild beauty that reminds me of some of the more remote beaches on Sardinia.

The main beach is sandy but if you walk further on you discover a smaller, pebbly beach with atmospheric drift wood and seaweed coated rocks.

The beach has a number of groynes along its sandy shores that back onto a seawall where the sand turns to pebbles.

The coastline is rocky but covered in a thick blanket of trees and greenery. This adds to its atmospheric, semi lost feel.

Even though it feels remote and less explored, there are still amenities at Totland Bay including a pub, cafe and beachhuts.

But we’ve bought our own supplies and the caffeine monkey is simmering away on his portable stove.

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