Enroute from Bath to Stratford, way back in 2020 and we had pull over by the side of the road so I could enjoy this glorious field of sunflowers.

Wonderful yellow bobbing heads stretched as far as the eye could see under a periwinkle blue sky.

Even though it was during the pandemic, looking back now, with the horrors unfolding in the Ukraine, it seems like halcyon days.

With blue and yellow now standing as an almost universal rebuke against the violence and blind ambition of one crazed mad man, it is hard to now see these photos in any other context.

We can only hope that this shocking violation and outright disgraceful aggression can end without escalation, but right now, an end seems to be out of sight.

Not that it makes any difference right now, but the right thinking world stands with the Ukraine. History will judge Putin as an amoral, power crazed monster, and all the people who enabled, stood by or supported him need to receive fitting punishment.

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