Shakespearian Stratford

The final stop off on our Southern explorer is the stunning town of Stratford Upon Avon, best known for being the birthplace of our premier playwright Mr William Shakespeare.

Stratford is a market town that is full to bursting with stunning Tudor details, some of which would be recognisable to Will himself.

Naturally the town, and shops, are steeped full of England’s most renowned son’s musings and best loved phrases. (and some other, slightly less deep thoughts)

Below is the birthplace of the Master of Musing’s – a charming building on Henley Street, one of the town’s oldest streets.

Interestingly, it was another famous author that we can thank for helping to ensure that the building is still here to enjoy, as in order to save it a public campaign was launched which was supported by Charles Dickens.

Away from the Bard though there’s plenty of other sights for the snap happy architecture fan to enjoy including a wealth of timbered Tudor buildings.

The most notable architecture is known as half-timber work, where buildings have an exposed wooden framework, with the rest filled with another material such as brick, plaster or wattle-and-daub.

Half-timbered houses often have an overhanging upper storey, which added extra space.

It was good manners for men to walk on the outer side of the pavement (where there was one), where he was most likely to be splashed by the contents of chamber pots emptied from above.

Not sure if the hubby would have taken one for the team back in the day . .

The gorgeous building below is Harvard House. It was built in 1596 by Thomas Rogers who was the grandfather of John Harvard – benefactor of the famous American Ivy League University.

After emigrating to America with his wife, John Harvard gifted the equivalent of three million pounds to the Massachusetts Bay Colony who named their new college after him – Harvard.

All in all a glorious place to spend a sunny day exploring. One final visit to make and then that’s this trip all wrapped up!

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