We’re ending our exploration of the South of England in 2020 with a visit to the enchanting Stratford Butterfly Farm!

A few hours of enjoying 100s of exotic colourful flappers who float idly past you like so many rainbow scraps of paper.

From vivid emerald green to huge azure blue beasts, they float and linger in every corner.

This green variety was a particular stunner and I enjoy the moustache positioning of the butterfly on the statue below 🙂

Spot the real butterfly who has craftily camouflaged itself amongst the fake ones on this sign!

The way they move and look seems almost mechanical sometimes, check out this group of robotic looking little flappers. What is the plural for a group of butterflies?

The hubby’s bald pate seems to attract some of the more curious beasties. I wonder if he is sweating in the heat? . .

Then the butterfly whisperer managed to get this ferocious looking variety to perch for a second.

The one below was a particular favourite of mine. The beautiful markings look as if they have been painted on by hand.


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