Alonnisos old town

Alonnisos old town is a sleepy little place that was rescued from virtual abandonment following a natural disaster.

When we first arrive in the morning it is completely shut up and still sleeping! So we have a quick mooch around and then plan to come back later.

Even shut up and empty, the town has plenty to keep me occupied as it is so pretty!

In 1965 a large earthquake struck the Sporades and one of the biggest casualties was the main town of Alonissos.

The inhabitants had to leave their homes behind and move down to the coast to the new town and port, Patitiri.

The old town was left almost abandoned until the 1980s when life started to return to it thanks to a melting pot of expats who bought up old buildings.

It’s not hard to see why people were so attracted to the little town.

Winding alleyways, balconies and gardens overflowing with flowers and colourfully painted doors, all create a very pleasing picture.

And old traditions persevere – sometimes out of necessity as the steep streets make it almost impossible or new fangled vehicles to reach the upper part of the town!

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