Tiny Tabarca

There’s not much in the way of boat trips from Alicante but you can visit the tiny fishing village of Tabarca.

So off we float – ready to conquer the waves yet again (PSA there are no waves – it is flat calm)

Tabarca is the largest island in the Valencian Community, and the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain. It is also known for its marine reserve.

It is also. quite literally. the quietest place we have ever visited. It is almost a ghost town.

There was only one shop open and a handful of cafes, none of who really seemed to want our custom! But to be fair, it was the end of October – so not exactly prime tourist season!

Before 1700, the island was known as Illa de Sant Pau (‘Saint Paul’s Island’) or Illa Plana (‘Flat Island’).

Believed to be the island that St. Paul disembarked on, the island was a refuge for Barbary pirates up to the end of the 18th century and used as a base for raids on the Levantine coast.

Tabarca is a protected marine reserve with a variety of marine fauna and was also declared a Zone of Special Protection for Birds by the EU.

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