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Just time for a quick tour to Limone sul Garda and hubby gets a dip in the refreshing AKA cold lake waters.

We’ve almost the place to ourselves as the sun is starting to dip low in the sky.

Then we’re moving onto our next stop, the beautiful, but very busy town of Sirmione, set at the end of a long promontory that reaches like a finger into Lake Garda.

Above is the famous Jamaica beach in Sirmione.

This mammoth slab of waterside paradise is over looked by the ruins of a Roman villa and is the perfect place to watch the sun set or enjoy some foot dangling!

Usually the bedrock can’t be seen or walked on but record breaking dry weather has exposed it.

Dragging ourselves away from the beach for now, we take a quick stroll into town and quickly spot Scaligero castle.

This is one of several fortifications built by the Della Scala family in towns along the lake.

The 13th-century fortress and castle is surrounded by water with some of its walls rising straight from the lake itself which makes for spectacular pictures – more of those later!

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