Scaligero castle

Today is all about the fortifications – the imposing Scaliger castle to be precise.

This amazing structure dominates the little town of Sirmione and I have been wanting to see it for ages!

Sirmione was already known to the ancient Romans because of its strategic position – a peninsula that stretches into the lake – as well as for the beauty of its landscape.

Scaliger castle was built in the 13th century on the remains of a pre-existing Roman fortification.

Constructed in the late half of the 14th Century it was built on behalf of the Della Scala family of Verona, who are known as the Scaligeri from which it takes it name.

The internal docks are the only surviving example of a 14th Century fortified port and walls seem as if they are rising straight out of the lake itself.

It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Italy, and a rare example of lake fortification.

Aside from all that though, the views are just amazing once you climb up into the castle walls.

Even from outside the town walls, the castle continues to dominate your focus.

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