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We’re heading for the package tour hotspot of Torremolinos and it’s a nice walk along the seafront from Benalmádena.

The original plan was to hop on a cable car at Benalmádena but the day is too grey for such endeavors so we’re going to postpone it till later on!

There’s not a great deal of ‘original’ Spain to be found in Torremolinos, but then again, it has been a package tour hotspot for so many decades that I guess that is now its own authentic kind of culture.

There’s still a smattering of hand painted tiles and colourful plant pots to be found though, so I am satisfied!

The following day we revisit Benalmádena for our original cable car plan as it’s a much brighter day.

The trip takes you to the top of Mount Calamorro – the highest point in Benalmádena at an altitude of almost 800 metres above sea level. It take around 15 minutes and invovles swaying out over a busy road before heading for the summit.

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