Hot on the heels of our Indiana Jones style adventure at the Caminito del Rey we’ve jumped in the hire car and headed to the venerable old city of Granada.

Most famous for the incredible Alhambra, this grand old dame is a pretty place full of beautiful architecture and more than a little Moorish charm.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the souks of Tunisia or Morocco when you see the colourful shops full of ornate textiles and colourful glass lamps.

Granada Cathedral, or the Cathedral of the Incarnation is a Roman Catholic church.

Like many other cathedrals in Andalusia, including the incredible Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, it was built on top of the city’s main mosque after the reconquest of Granada.

The Alcaicería market is Granada’s Big Bazaar and the original Moorish silk market, although much smaller than the original which was destroyed in a fire in the 19th century.

Full of a mix of Spanish tourist tat and fabrics, spices and other Moroccan inspired goods, it will still sate your market itch!

We take a stroll along Carrera del Darro which runs parallel to the small Darro river.

The Romans called it the River of Gold – aurus – because of the panners who scratched out a pitiful living searching for the precious mineral in its bed.

The walk along the river’s bank runs from Plaza Nueva to Paseo de los Tristes – and it is a picturesque one with colourful shop fronts as well as the ruins of a Moorish bridge, stone footbridges, convents and a church.

We also get our first glimpses of the stunning Alhambra.

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