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Back to roaming some of the less explored areas of Athens now and we’re planning on heading for the Central Market (Varvakios Agora) and the nearby neighbourhood of Little Asia.

But as usual I get hugely sidetracked by the incredible amounts of street art to be found.

From tiny stickers on lamp posts, to full wall murals, political posts to just quirky fun, there’s something to delight or intrigue anyone.

The central Athens food market occupies a large block between Athinas, Sofokleous, Euripidou and Aiolou Streets. But the only part open when we finally find it is the meat section!

Usually I am ok with the very visceral sights of the carcasses, but this time it was just too much for this lifelong veggy, so I bolted without taking any pictures!

Back to the myriad of colourful wall paintings instead, less stomach churning!

Little India itself is a sprawling maze of shops and streets, somewhat down at heel and probably not somewhere you want to be after dark.

But the artwork adorning its grimy walls managed to lift it up from being just a rather squalid and run down area.

This basket shop takes me straight back to North Vietnam – it has a very similar feel to the old quarter of Hanoi.

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