Rafting the Tara

We’ve arrived at our rafting center. We picked the Divlja Rijeka rafting company and they were awesome!

Our first look at the Tara River is captivating. The crystal clear waters are mesmerising and you can literally drink straight from it.

Then it’s a 40 minute drive to the start of our rafting adventure at BrÅ¡tanovica.

We’re embarking on 17 km of rafting through the most exciting part of the river Tara and through places with the biggest number of rapids.

Of course the minute the men folk get the chance to get into the river, off they go!

A bit of on board footage! It was hard to capture the really fast bits as we had to paddle hard and hang on!

There’s a couple of rest spots during the trip including a beer break at this scenic riverside bar and waterfall.

The hubby braves the icy waters of a pretty waterfall but scrambles out pretty sharpish!

We’re offered the chance to swim the rapids, I decline due to mt previous embarrassing attempts to get back into a boat, but once again the men flop overboard.

Excuse the hideously weird voice and laugh that comes out of me . . #cringe

Another brief break and I am loving all the rainbow of colourful rafts moored up.

There’s another impressive waterfall to check out so naturally he gets in . . but then the crafty sod drags me in with him. Luckily there is no footage of me turning the air blue!

Some more action shots when the river is a little calmer and i can get the camera out.

The war mongers at the front of the raft keep instigating splashing water fights!

And then, all too soon, it’s over. A fantastic few hours on the most beautiful river with some real high octane white water rafting under our belts!

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