Luscious Lushtica

Today we’re soaking up the sun on Chedi Lushtica Bay’s beach of sandy delights. Situated on the less explored Lushtica penisula, a string of pretty cove beaches hug the coastline. The one we make our way to is closest to the resort town of Luštica Bay that is now home to a huge five starContinue reading “Luscious Lushtica”

Sveti Stefan

It’s time for some beaches now and one of the most famous sights of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan. First up we head to gorgeous Crvena Glavija beach that has a perfect view of Sveti Stefan island and the beach is nearly empty when we arrive #bliss. We’re intrigued by this abandoned beach bar on Crvina Glavica beach. Such a prime positionContinue reading “Sveti Stefan”

Rafting the Tara

We’ve arrived at our rafting center. We picked the Divlja Rijeka rafting company and they were awesome! Our first look at the Tara River is captivating. The crystal clear waters are mesmerising and you can literally drink straight from it. Then it’s a 40 minute drive to the start of our rafting adventure at Brštanovica.Continue reading “Rafting the Tara”