Luscious Lushtica

Today we’re soaking up the sun on Chedi Lushtica Bay’s beach of sandy delights.

Situated on the less explored Lushtica penisula, a string of pretty cove beaches hug the coastline.

The one we make our way to is closest to the resort town of Luštica Bay that is now home to a huge five star hotel hogging the marina.

There’ a walkway from another beach, that takes about 15 minutes, if you want to avoid parking in Luštica Bay town itself.

It’s a stony beach, and it’s face meltingly hot, so hubby is doing his best Sexy Beast / Ray Winstone impression . .

After scorching ourselves for an hour or so we head onto another picturesque beach.

This one is called Zanjice and is an attractive combination of green forests sloping towards a curve of white pebble beach.

Many years ago it was a favorite beach of Tito – the former Yugoslavian leader.

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