Seaside tat

Moving onto Llandudno itself now, it started off as a typical dismal grey day in North Wales!! Apparently the town’s name is derived from its patron saint, Saint Tudno and has had the title of “Queen of the Welsh Resorts”, from around 1864. As we sauntered along the North shore pier we admired the views out toContinue reading “Seaside tat”

Grey Torbay days

Easter break means extra days off! Whoopie! So which part of the globe did we whizz off to this time? A sunny beach? A chic city? Nope – Torbay!! Torbay spans the towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham located around an east-facing natural harbour (Tor bay) on the English Channel. Not quite the most glamourous of destinations itContinue reading “Grey Torbay days”