Shadows of war

I am not a good student of history but during my travels I learn more about the world and its past horrors. Hungary has its own share of sadness and this is evident in every corner of the capital city. One of the most poignant memorials to World War Two and the price that HungarianContinue reading “Shadows of war”

Pompeii, a tragedy locked in time

Pompeii is still in the shadow of the brooding Mount Vesuvius.  The city of Pompeii, along with Herculaneum, was partially destroyed and buried under 13 to 20 ft of hot ash, pumice and mud in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. One of the tragic inhabitants of Pompeii, forever encased in ash. HisContinue reading “Pompeii, a tragedy locked in time”