Cultural barbarism

After Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, the town of Mostar was subjected to a bloody siege that left the town’s cemeteries filled with young men. In 1993 the city was surrounded by Croat forces for nine months and much of it was severely destroyed by shelling. Residents were cut off with no electricity or food duringContinue reading “Cultural barbarism”

Adverts a plenty

As the citizens of the UK in 1939 adjust to a new reality they are as yet blissfully unaware of the long battles still to come and so the everyday mundanities of life continue. Even with the outbreak of war, people still needed watches, vacuum cleaners and underwear! Here’s the shopping news complete with detailed, beautifullyContinue reading “Adverts a plenty”

No nonsense in the shelters!

Today my treasured new purchase is officially 75 years old!! Having broken the news of the second Great War to an expectant public it was also a wealth of useful information into everyday situations in wartime. The 1939 Daily Express offers hints and tips into what to do when the air raid sirens sounded. Whether youContinue reading “No nonsense in the shelters!”

75 years on – a warning from history

One of the best purchases I made during my London trip was an original Daily Express newspaper dated 4th September 1939. The paper was printed the day after war was officially declared against Germany and the Second World War began in earnest. Given the combustible state of the world at present, the paper offers insights into a civilisationContinue reading “75 years on – a warning from history”

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.

The Tower of London is currently host to a poignant reminder of the futility and horror of war as a sea of poppies gradually turns the green moat into a blood red sea. 888,246 ceramic poppies are gradually being placed around the tower and each one represents a British fatality in the First World War. A visual,Continue reading “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.”

Old, new, war and peace

So after a whistle stop tour of central London on Friday we head to the Imperial War museum close to our travelodge in Waterloo. Four stories crammed full of machines, planes, tanks, and other weapons of war. A truely saddening experience that shows how proficent mankind is at killing each other.Ranging from ancient conflicts toContinue reading “Old, new, war and peace”

Heading further back in time. South Vietnam and Cambodia

Now I am firmly in the travel zone I thought, for my own pleasure, I would go back a few years to an amazing journey in 2008 through South Vietnam and Cambodia. As it was to be my first ever experience of Asia and I was travelling alone I decided to have the hassle taken out ofContinue reading “Heading further back in time. South Vietnam and Cambodia”