Sights of Segovia

Tearing ourselves away from the awe inspiring aqueduct, we’re off to check out a few more of the cultural sights that Segovia has to offer. Another beautiful sight is Segovia Cathedral, a Gothic-style Roman Catholic building located in the main square with a myriad of soaring spires. The church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, wasContinue reading “Sights of Segovia”

Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple dates back to 1827 and is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Beneath the imposing gopura are huge wooden doors. Their massive size is quite deliberate, designed to remind the worshippers of their insignificance in comparison to the divine. Devotees believe that ringing the bells on the doors will bring good luck.Continue reading “Sri Mariamman Temple”

China town

Singapore’s Chinatown is known as Niu che shui which literally means ‘ox car water’ This is due to the fact that Chinatown’s water supply was principally transported by animal-driven carts in the 19th century. We’ve entered Chinatown via Pagoda street, a hectic, shop and restaurant lined thoroughfare. Pagoda street takes its name from the Sri MariammanContinue reading “China town”

Sauntering around the Seine

There’s plenty to see just wandering around the alleyways and markets on the banks of the Seine. Including this sumptuous flower market that I dragged the reluctant hubby around. Here he is looking particularly unimpressed with the delights on show! The riverbanks are lined with little stalls full of curios, postcards and paintings. Below postersContinue reading “Sauntering around the Seine”