Wawel and its surrounds

As promised  / threatened in an earlier post, here are some photos of Wawel and its surroundings.

Wawel is a fortified complex situated on a limestone outcrop on the bank of the Vistula river in Krakow.

The complex has lots of beautiful buildings and fortifications within it. These include the Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral.


The impressive fortifications of Wawel as seen from the street below.

The parkland beneath Wawel with the Vistula river in the background. Here you will find the locals hanging out, picnicking and enjoying the sunshine.

You can also find the fire belching Wawel dragon and if you are lucky, the walking beer man!!!!!!!!!

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Above are some of the decorative and impressive architecture within the Wawel complex. The small golden dome is the Sigismund Chapel.
Neil and the statue of revered Polish Pope John Paul II. He was the second longest serving serving Pope in history and the first non-Italian since Pope Adrian VI who died in 1523. (little history lesson there – thanks Wikipedia!!)

A pictorial tribute to the Wawel beer man

 A short, photo tribute to the coolest and cutest (and most resiliant) person in Krakow. The Wawel beer man!!!

In 30 degree heat this little trouper gamefully kept on walking around the park in his heavy foam padded outfit, just occasionally drooping a little it has to be said, or stopping to pensively loiter under a shady tree.

I believe occasionally he had a “free beer” placard in his grasp but it seemed to disappear from time to time.

I think his little eye holes express both melancholy, hope and dogged perservance . . . .

Neil looks a trifle concerned however as he senses a hovering beverage in the background.

Taking a break in the shade and studiously ignoring people.

The little foam man is drooping a little in the hot hot sun and possibly heading to the ladies loo!!!

Stalking a woman in a slightly sinister yet still somehow adorable manner . . .

Wawel castle and giant stalking beer men

So wandering the streets of Krakow old town you will stumble across some beautiful buildings and architectural delights, not to mention some of the friendliest and most helpful people in Europe!

Take time to relax and watch the world go by in the old town square but then head out to some of the sights to be found a hop, skip and a jump away.

One of the areas we liked was Wawel and its surroundings, sited near the Vistula  river and overlooking a huge open expanse of parkland where the locals come to hang out, picnic and watch the world go by.

One of the city’s myths is that of the Wawel dragon and it’s commemorated on the lower slopes of the Wawel Hill by a metal statue that occasionally belches out a plume of flame!

Here’s Neil getting stalked by the giant walking beer in the parkland beneath Wawel castle . . .  . (I will devote a post to this squishy little mascot later!)

I will upload some photos of the castle itself that sits within the Wawel complex when I figure out where on earth I have stashed them!!!