Plug for Street Pizza!!!

After our arduous few days in the mountains I felt that I deserved some lovely tasty dough based food.

Hence a pit stop at the best pizza restaurant in Thailand – Street Pizza! I have to say, hand on heart, their pizza was actually better than some we’ve had in Italy . . .

It’s tucked down a little back alley, all bare brick and chalk board wall simplicity. (We got to write on their wall, so our witty thoughtful feedback is probably still there . . . )


Then having scoffed our faces on pizza we headed onto the final Saturday market before we left for the beaches of Phuket.

Here’s some final glorious market shots!!!  Here’s my favourites of the bunch – traditional Thai ice cream in dinky little metal moulds.


Plenty of flavours from the recognisable such as lemon, cola and orange to more exotic such as green tea, Custard Apple and Durian!


Then there’s the adorable little baby shoes in every colour of the rainbow and a spectrum of gorgeous light shades.


Then there’s always the meat in ball format, all types of animal on a stick. And Neil braving it . .


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