Beaches and epic hotel!

So after the cool greenery of the north we head to the busy beach resorts of Phuket for a spot of vegging over the festive period.

We chose Karon as our base as it was not as hectic as Patong but had a long, nice beach and proximity to other places to sight see in (or so I thought…..)

Before all that though, I have to devote this post to our wonderful accomodation Phuket Club Resort

Set part way up a hillside, about ten minutes walk from the main beach and town, this was a little slice of affordable paradise, complete with amazing roof top pool!!!

No apologies for the following slide show of us in said pool!!

It had a wonderful view over Karon and towards the sea. We spent many happy hours just lounging on the roof terrace, ordering pool side snacks and dipping in the pool when the relaxing all got a bit too much!


The pro tanner is out making sure that all his bits get an even roasting. . .


There is also a cute little outdoor spa pool in the hotel grounds and a steam room over a little bridge (you do have to mince past diners in your robe though, but heck!!)


Here’s us steaming gently . . .


Not really sure if I am aiming for sultry or seductive in this final image. Either way the overall effect is that of a lobster giving you the evil eye . .


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