Snorkeling and freaking at fishes


We quite like the beach, the water, the waves and the sandy stuff. However it all gets a bit more intense when forced to come into close contact with the inhabitants of the big wet sea place!

Hence the slightly manic grin on my face here. It is partly due to the rather bumpy / terrifying speed boat death ride we’d just endured, but also down to the fact we are about to SNORKEL!!!


I am not a sporty person.This face says it all . . .


Snorkeling is no exception to this rule.

However, once I stop panicking and trying to manically breathe through my nose, and squealing at waves, and freaking out at shoals of fish, then I am fine . . ish.


Like a large, unwieldy, multi-coloured floaty fish I blend in effortlessly . . . just as long as the actual fish stay far, far, FAR away from me. Occasionally some brushed against me. I think they were doing it on purpose.

Look at the beady glint in their tiny little soulless black eyes . . . .


Neil however is part merman and enjoys a spot of free diving amongst the sinister gilled ones.


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