Christmas day at the beach

So, as Phuket is rip off city and the local tuc tuc mafia charge extortionate prices to get anywhere, we only went on one day trip during our week stay.


That was on Christmas day and was a hair raising (and very bumpy) speedboat trip to Koh Phi Phi and the surrounding islands. Here’s me barely keeping my hair on!!


We make a brief stop at Monkey Beach in Tonsai Bay. The beach got its name from the crab-eating Macaque monkey colony living here but is littered with rubbish from tourists and was quite a sad spectacle really,

The main attraction of the day was Koh Phi Phi Leh’s Maya Bay – a broken circle of crystal-clear waters surrounded by high vertical rocky cliffs.


It is here that the Hollywood blockbuster The Beach was filmed. Simultanously putting Thailand on the mainstream map and paving the way for its inevitable downfall.


The beach is crammed with hundreds of tourists, all vying for the ideal picture postcard snap of white sand and turquoise sea.

It is there of course, as you can see by my very carefully composed photos, hiding the multitudinous masses.


Here’s some of the traditional Thai fishing boats moored up along the shoreline.


We also floated past the Viking cave where swifts’ nests are harvested to prepare the world-famous bird’s nest soup.


The platforms are a rickety looking set up. It’s amazing that anyone can do a decent days work on those.


We then ate our Christmas lunch overlooking the beach on Koh Phi Phi Don – not bad!!!


It’s a little bit different to sprouts and roast potatoes!!! Next up snorkeling and more beaches.


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