St John’s fortress and harbour

The old town of Dubrovnik is defended and encircled by formidable walls and incorporates the imposing St John’s fortress.

P1010454 P1010455 P1010456

The St. John Fortress, often called Mulo Tower, is a complex monumental building on the southeastern side of the old city port, controlling and protecting its entrance.

The first fort was built in the mid 14th century, but it was modified on several occasions in the course of the 15th and 16th centuries,


The harbour was designed and constructed by engineer Paskoje Miličević in the late 15th century.

The most prominent portion of the harbour are the three enormous arches (the fourth original arch was walled in) of a large arsenal built in the late 12th century and enlarged in the latter part 15th century.

P1010474 P1010450 P1010454

The harbour is also the oldest shipyard in the city and is still in use today

P1010465 P1010470P1010460P1010467

Around the fort is a favourite place for locals to take a refreshing swim and even though it was a grey day and the sea was choppy people were still taking a dip.

St John’s fortress is just one of the imposing fortifications that are dotted around the city’s huge walls. We’ll spot more of them during our walk around the walls later on in the week.

P1010479 P1010455

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