800 miles of road

So leaving Dubrovnik behind for a few days, we embark on our epic journey across Croatia. Here’s a misty goodbye (for now) to the harbour and fort.


As part of my impeccably planned manic route march across the country, the long suffering other half ends up driving over 800 miles in total. The next step after Dubrovnik is heading North to Split. Here’s our tiny little hire car for the week!


Heading for the open road we get onto the epic A1 road, a huge, winding and empty dual carriageway that eats up the miles.

We zoom onwards, ploughing through the middles of mountains thanks to the endless succession of tunnels, including one 6 kilometre monster!


Along the way we see some of the most incredible scenery including this breath taking view over fertile plains full of oranges as far as the eye can see.



You can almost see the curve of the sky from our vantage point at the side of the road. it seems to only just skim the tops of the mountain range in the distance.

P1010801 P1010778 P1010772

After about three hours we arrive in Split where we’re staying in one of tiny back alleyways of the old town in the impeccably presented Fabio Residence 2.

P1010861 P1010846

This was complete with the most hair raising parking experience ever as you have to negotiate the (barely) single file back streets praying all the while that another car doesn’t come haring around the corner at you.

Cosmopolitan feeling Split has the air of a high end resort in the South of France, sort of Cannes or Nice but a lot cheaper!


The city is literally living history as most of the shops and restaurants of the old town are set in and around Diocletian’s Palace – an ancient palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century CE. Below you can see the outer walls of the palace.


During our stay we’ll whisk our way through the narrow alleyways and enjoy a vertigo inducing climb up the bell tower. Rest assured, photos to follow!

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