Roski Slap

Heading on from the frothy watery delights of Skradinski buk to another, less visited part of Krka National Park -Roski Slap.

It is possible to get a boat trip from Skradinski Buk upto Roski Slap. however due to the ever present scourge of the tour group, the boat trips were full up.

Not to be deterred we decided to drive to the falls ourselves, as our Krka Park ticket allowed us admittance to the site for no extra cost.

Que another slightly hair raising car journey up winding roads and along a single track bridge across the river (heaven help you if a vehicle comes from the other direction . . )

We park up and a guide pokes her head out of a tiny shack to give us directions, first to the lake and museum and then onto the walk to the falls.


P1020566 P1020568  P1020571

After grabbing a quick brew at the waterside cafe we head off for a gentle stroll along the river . .or so I think. But oh no, the other half had got wind of the fact that there is set of steps that cling to the cliff face, leading upto a cave and then a panoramic view of Roski Slap.

The snag (for lazy me) being that there are approximately 600 steps . . . ..  sigh

Here his nibs is looking suitably excited about forcing me to partake in exercise  . . .


I am not impressed . .  oh dear lord . .



After me going on strike half way up (and collapsing in a pile of sweat and sulkiness) we finally reach the cave, and more importantly, the incredible view of Roski Slap.


Here you can look down and see why this section of the river is known as the Necklace Cascades. These cascades are a successive series of rapids arranged and banded in such a way that they resembled necklaces



If you squint, you can see, far far in the distance, the tiny speck of a bridge that we have to head back to . . . .


Having got my breath back, and returned to a normal (none red) colour, I got to enjoy stunning vista. Well worth the slog upwards!

P1020605 P1020604 P1020631

But, not allowed to relax for too long, we were soon heading back down to the riverside to complete the loop across the river. Here’s the route back down . . . .


P1020637 P1020658 P1020649

Back on the flat, we ambled across the river and back to the car. Stopping on route to enjoy the rushing water once again.


P1020651 P1020655

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