Greecian memories

While I plan the next jaunt I’ve discovered a whole horde of photos from a trip I had completely forgotten to document (I know – how on earth did that escape me!)

It’s from back in 2012 and was a week of sunny bliss spent on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Now I’ve done a few Greek islands, Corfu, Lipsi, Lindos and Zante, and always enjoy the simple, almost spartan, Greek way of life.

This time we broke with recent tradition and took part in … a package holiday!


We stayed in the Matina Hotel apartments  in the small town of Pefkos, about an hour’s drive from Rhodes town.

Here’s one of the local’s pressing his own tipple, while Neil channels Miami Vice in the hotel pool!

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The town is quite compact with a couple of small beaches and plenty of restaurants, bars and even a nightclub or two if that’s your thing. Plus the usual tacky tourist shops, including this t shirt stall – Neil blends in with the dummies . . .


We went in October so it was pleasantly quiet as it was nearly the end of the season. Plus this meant we didn’t have to endure any “entertainment” at the hotel complex!!

Here’s a few random shots of Pefkos beach, the pro tanner at rest and a knackered old window . . .

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Here’s me posing at the resort pool.


Next up we take a day trip to the pretty town of Siana before heading to the lovely nearby resort of Lindos.

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