Random Rhodes

Here’s a few more snaps from around Rhodes town.

P1100655 P1100652 P1100644

Ornate tiles on the old town fountain and a trip to the beach is in order. I love the diving platform poking up from the sea.

P1100669 P1100672 P1100734

The pebble beach is lapped by azure waters.


The man is dwarfed by one of the large ferry boats that have docked in the commercial harbour.


Neil checks out the massive fortifications of the town walls. Mimicking the Greecian warriors of old with his manly chest!!


A view back towards the old town and its impressive walls.


As the day draws to a close we’re treated to a gorgeous rosy pink sunset.


The blush pink fades to purple over Rhodes harbour and the traditional windmills. Where the spindly little goat thing stands on the pedestal is believed to be the site of one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World –  The Colossus of Rhodes.

The statue of the sun god Helios stood over 30 metres (98 feet)  and was built to celebrate Rhodes victory over the ruler of Cyprus whose son had unsuccessfully tried to besiege Rhodes.

The goat is a somewhat underwhelming replacement . .

P1100753 P1100747 P1100746

A nice way to end our brief jaunt to the town. Next up, as promised, peeling paint! LOTS of it!! Lucky you . . .

Rhodes town

Now dear readers, you all know that we don’t usually do package holidays and yet that is what we found ourselves on in Rhodes.

However, never fear, we still managed to break away and do our own thing for a few days. Although we were based in Pefkos we decided to spend a few days in Rhodes town itself.

So we booked into the lovely little October Down Town Rooms just a few minutes walks from the harbour and beach and about ten minutes from the fantastic old town.

The old town is surrounded by impressive battlements and that just adds to the Disneyesque feel to the whole place.

425913_10151067206352353_1732343798_nThe Old Town of Rhodes is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. Inside it feels like a stage set, complete with cobbled streets, detailed tiling and FANTASTIC pom pom slippers!!

156556_10151067194277353_1332411430_n 536477_10151067192737353_1377073366_n 579700_10151067204882353_1449729392_n

Here’s a few more of the stalls tempting tourists with a variety of religious artifacts, replica Greecian temples and other wooden do dars.

P1100740 P1100649 P1100680

One of my favourite ever things is these super cute ice cream animals!!!


Lemon ducks, chocolate orange mice and strawberry fishes!!


Once inside the walls you are met with a bewildering array of possible wandering options. There are roughly 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name and you WILL get lost!

Here’s a view of the fantastic  Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. It is one of the few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece. The site was previously a citadel of the Knights Hospitaller that functioned as a palace, headquarters and fortress.

P1100610 P11007148077615746_37ece680c2

The palace was built in the early 14th century by the Knights of Rhodes, who controlled Rhodes and some other Greek islands from 1309 to 1522, to house the Grand Master of the Order.

And here’s the rosy exterior of the Suleiman Mosque.


Here’s a few more colourful sights from the maze of back streets in the old town. I am loving the yellow and blue combo.Wonder if I can persuade the other half to have it at home . . .

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So many delightful peely paint photo opps here! So I’ll dedicate a few obsessive posts purely to paint piccies later on . . . (I do spoil you all!)

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One of the other main sights of the old town is the Street of the Knights – one of the best preserved medieval relics in the world.

P1100634 P1100633 P1100623

The 600m  long, cobble – paved street was constructed over an ancient pathway that led in a straight line from the Acropolis of Rhodes to the port.

P1100615 P1100560 P1100637

All in all Rhodes Old Town is a fantabulous place to while away a few hours just getting lost in back allies, sampling icecreams and enjoying a chilled beer!!!



Next up on the Greecian odyssey is the adorable little sugar cube village of Lindos.


The village is a sprawl of traditional white houses, many of which have rooftop terraces complete with bars and restaurants. Here’s the man pausing as we head up to the Acropolis.


The acropolis is a  natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, the Romans, the Ottomans and the Byzantines.


The imposing facade of the structure seems carved almost from the rock itself. Some scenes from the famous film The Guns of Navarone, were filmed here.

539537_10151066977172353_884370153_n 46318_10151066980407353_2003086280_n 37801_10151066595242353_138808292_n

Below is the Doric temple of Athena Lindia. Before it’s off for a trawl of some of the narrow back streets and the colourful stalls. A particular favourite is the local olive oil soap in pretty packaging.

385159_10151066977592353_295194038_n 550691_10151066981667353_1209289280_n 404691_10151066982572353_1788484345_n

Piles of artwork and teeny tiny kitchen scenes and front doors attract my gaze.

318999_10151067207052353_730328460_n 424642_10151067179922353_292810421_n 536433_10151067179187353_1993874021_n

Not to mention the multitude of magnets, swathes of scarfs and more miniature views.

8077775047_35a5eaf953 8077802408_3139eb8aaa 8077752535_73decd30aa_n

Then it’s off for a well earned dip in the very pretty St Paul’s Bay.


It is reported that the apostle landed here during a storm.

22624_10151067181582353_579125851_n 227579_10151067182202353_2084371501_n 540990_10151067183467353_777315342_n

The turquoise water offers a well needed refresh from the steamingly hot day.


We have to tear ourselves away from the tempting scene for a little more exploration.


As we potter around Lindos I can’t help noticing all the ornate door knockers. A particular favourite seems to be hands!

8077752732_c875380f43 8077729375_ce753c364d 8077738613_beeb4207b6

Enjoy this little selection of the knobs and knockers that adorn the village doors.


Bee boxes and honey in Siana

Once we’ve settled into our accommodation and located the cheapest food sources we plan the rest of the week.

We decide to take a day trip that combines a visit to a wonderful painted church at Asklipios and also the pretty town of Siana.

The village’s name – Asklipio comes from the scholar of medicine Asklipios. Here’s some of the staggeringly detailed frescos in the little Byzantine church ‘Dormition of the Virgin’ that was built in 1060.



Next up on the trip is Siana, a tiny picturesque little town. It’s built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Acramitis, the second highest mountain of the island, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounded areas.


Blue bee boxes delight my snappy photo fingers and the town has the feel of an alpine ski village. The village of Siana is famous for its excellent honey and its local wine. You can also sample the infamous ‘souma’, the fiery local grape spirit.

552540_10151066562952353_1962459712_nSo many shades of blue, so many boxes .  . so little time or memory card space . .


There’s also a plethora of my other favourite photographic subjects . . peeling paint on doors and windows!!

69088_10151066554882353_417169458_n 550716_10151066555442353_102084029_n 602261_10151066556322353_103334002_n

Next up we visit the sugar cube village of Lindos, take in the acropolis and have a swim in the glorious St Paul’s bay.

Greecian memories

While I plan the next jaunt I’ve discovered a whole horde of photos from a trip I had completely forgotten to document (I know – how on earth did that escape me!)

It’s from back in 2012 and was a week of sunny bliss spent on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Now I’ve done a few Greek islands, Corfu, Lipsi, Lindos and Zante, and always enjoy the simple, almost spartan, Greek way of life.

This time we broke with recent tradition and took part in … a package holiday!


We stayed in the Matina Hotel apartments  in the small town of Pefkos, about an hour’s drive from Rhodes town.

Here’s one of the local’s pressing his own tipple, while Neil channels Miami Vice in the hotel pool!

486883_10151066539417353_1407007429_n 397289_10151066542002353_1171097071_n 229494_10151066540087353_1486266370_n

The town is quite compact with a couple of small beaches and plenty of restaurants, bars and even a nightclub or two if that’s your thing. Plus the usual tacky tourist shops, including this t shirt stall – Neil blends in with the dummies . . .


We went in October so it was pleasantly quiet as it was nearly the end of the season. Plus this meant we didn’t have to endure any “entertainment” at the hotel complex!!

Here’s a few random shots of Pefkos beach, the pro tanner at rest and a knackered old window . . .

523138_10151066567747353_1223372390_n 253102_10151066537907353_1743892554_n 429323_10151066554037353_1090666543_n

Here’s me posing at the resort pool.


Next up we take a day trip to the pretty town of Siana before heading to the lovely nearby resort of Lindos.