Last Croatian memories


The time has come to wave a very fond goodbye to glorious Croatia (for now at least…) so here’s a few last shots of Dubrovnik.

P1030353 P1030359 P1030361

With its plethora of enchanting buildings, stunning countryside and budget friendly accommodation, Croatia was a revelation.

P1030339 P1030345 P1030341

Here’s the Stradun and Onofrio’s large fountain again all bathed in lovely lovely Croatian sunshine *wistful sigh*

P1030348 P1030349 P1030346

Here’s us trying to defeat the mythical gargoyle or Maskeron.

If you enter the Old Town of Dubrovnik by the Pile Gate walk along the Stradun and you’ll see a strange stone head protruding from a stone wall.

P1030351 P1030352 P1030350
The head stands some half a meter above the ground, sticking out barely fifteen centimeters. Its top surface is polished like marble.
Legend has it that if you manage to hop onto the head, keep your balance, and take off your shirt while still standing facing the wall, luck in love will follow you.

Neil has technique whereas I just repeatedly hurl myself at the wall in hope…

P1030367 P1030374 P1030375

Then it’s off for a last mooch around the harbour and time to take a bracing dip with the locals! Check out the glorious azure sea water!

P1030378 P1030376 P1030377

I’m a bit of a water baby and tend to end up in any large bodies of water that I come across. However I am also a huge wuss.

P1030388So I am gradually inching my way into the water, flabby bit by flabby bit . . .

P1030387Ho ho. It’s like watching a beached whale returning to the water.


Until finally I am submerged and at one with the lapping waves.


And there I stayed until I was good and wrinkled.


That’s it for Croatia folks. A hectic week of travelling hundreds of miles, getting hopelessly lost and falling head over heels in love with a breathtaking country.

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