Molecules, mosaics and mercenaries

More art in the wilds of Yorkshire!

Below is an immensely sized sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky. Molecule man 1+1+1.  I enjoy being able to glimpse the greenery through the little holes in the metal men.

P1040753 P1040755 P1040756

Disturbing figures linger under the trees.

P1040759 P1040760 P1040761

Below are Riace – works by Elizabeth Frink. Frink was a leading figure in British sculpture and was part of the post-war group of British sculptors known as the Geometry of Fear school.

P1040767 P1040769 P1040770

The four Riace sculptures were inspired by the discovery of two fifth-century BC Greek bronze sculptures in the sea off Southern Italy in the 1970s.

Frink saw them on display in Florence and described how ‘the original figures are very beautiful, but also very sinister’. The bronzes depict ancient Greek mercenaries: warriors who would fight in exchange for sacrificial offerings in their benefit


On a lighter note here is Niki de Saint Phalle’s, Buddha 2000. I love all the colourful mosaic detail on this one.

P1040788 P1040791 P1040792

Even more sculpturey goodness to come!!

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