Ghost trees and creeping rabbits

Some sculptures in the park have an ethereal, ghostly feel about them such as this white, skeletal tree. I think it’s called “air gets into everything even nothing,” (2006) by Ugo Rondinone.


Meanwhile Sophie Ryder’s Crawling is an unsettling, gigantic sculpture of a rabbit / human on all fours. It’s a tactile, creepy thing to behold.

Made from bronze the sculpture incorporates lots of little details including toys, car parts, pistons and cast hands.

Yorkshire Sculpture Parks’s website explains: “Her work is an exploration of the female psyche and sexuality and frequently references the artist’ s own body as it morphs with the powerful energy and form of the hare.”

P1040802 P1040798 P1040796

YSP’s explanation of the work goes onto say: “Ryder’s work includes human, animal and mythological figures, frequently melding forms to combine the attitudes and instincts of each. Anthropomorphic characters are used both to explore the human condition and as a metaphor for Ryder’s own feelings.

“Over several years she has evolved an ongoing narrative around the female / mother figure of the Lady-Hare; a hybrid with the head of a hare, and its body modelled on Ryder’s own.”


The overall effect is unsettling but strangely alluring. You can’t help but put your hands on it, trace the half hidden tokens set within the roughly hewn surface and marvel at the sheer scale of the piece.

11143262_10152817723692353_9060353574178181040_n 11206962_10152817723722353_1553397522897223061_n (1) P1040793

Above is another of Ryder’s work – Sitting. A huge hare 18ft x 14ft, cleaved in two and made out of shaped wire. Another imposing edifice. Plus another view of the dead, white ghost tree . .

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