Las Meninas Mademoiselles

Around the streets of Madrid we kept encountering a variation of colourful, larger than life, ladies. The statues are all variations on the main characters of Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez’s masterpiece that hangs in the Prado Museum. An art installation saw 80 sculptures of Las Meninas (‘the ladies in waiting’) dotted around the Spanish capital.Continue reading “Las Meninas Mademoiselles”

Trees from an alternate landscape

As we continued to explore the 500 acres that Yorkshire Sculpture Park has to offer we came across this Dennis Oppenheim installation “Trees from alternative landscape components” YSP says: “Formed of florescent trees, fake hedgerows, seemingly genetically modified flowers, the Trees have branches laden with a range of curious domestic artifacts including, baths, toilets, sinks,Continue reading “Trees from an alternate landscape”

Ghost trees and creeping rabbits

Some sculptures in the park have an ethereal, ghostly feel about them such as this white, skeletal tree. I think it’s called “air gets into everything even nothing,” (2006) by Ugo Rondinone. Meanwhile Sophie Ryder’s Crawling is an unsettling, gigantic sculpture of a rabbit / human on all fours. It’s a tactile, creepy thing to behold. MadeContinue reading “Ghost trees and creeping rabbits”

Molecules, mosaics and mercenaries

More art in the wilds of Yorkshire! Below is an immensely sized sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky. Molecule man 1+1+1.  I enjoy being able to glimpse the greenery through the little holes in the metal men. Disturbing figures linger under the trees. Below are Riace – works by Elizabeth Frink. Frink was a leading figure in British sculptureContinue reading “Molecules, mosaics and mercenaries”

Yorkshire, sculpture and grey days

On a grey bank holiday we headed off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a dose of culture and some fresh air. There’s around 60 sculptures set in 500 acres of park land on the Bretton Estate as well as five indoor galleries. Below is one of Marc Quinn’s huge, sexualised orchids. At first glance it’sContinue reading “Yorkshire, sculpture and grey days”