Trees from an alternate landscape

As we continued to explore the 500 acres that Yorkshire Sculpture Park has to offer we came across this Dennis Oppenheim installation “Trees from alternative landscape components”


YSP says: “Formed of florescent trees, fake hedgerows, seemingly genetically modified flowers, the Trees have branches laden with a range of curious domestic artifacts including, baths, toilets, sinks, dog kennels, dustbins, plastic chairs and parts of fences.”

It’s a deliberately incongruous piece, setting the natural beauty of the rolling landscape with a harshly man made interpretation of nature.

It makes us consider the relationship between natural and artificial  environments and perhaps makes us think a little about our intrusion and destruction of the planet we live on.

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More to my liking are these joyful, colourful mosaics by Marialuisa Tadei. The huge double sided medallion is Night and Day.


And here is her take on the sea creature of my nightmares – the octopus! *shivers*


Below is Tom Price’s Network – a huge man engrossed in his phone (plus a little Neil too) and Eduardo Paolozzi’s Collage City.

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Finally is Julian Opie’s Galloping Horse. An LED display that shows exactly that. Opie looks at the idea of representation and how we perceive and understand images.

He takes photos of his subject matter then digitally manipulates the photographs and creates his final images by a process of elimination.

YSP says: “He reduces the features that characterise a person or object to the bare minimum, so that with just a few lines he is able to identify what makes something unique and recognisable.”


What do you think? Is less more? . . .

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