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Continuing on our breakneck, incredibly uninformative tour of Taormina now with yet more pictures of stuff that I have photographed!! (It’s no Lonely Planet blog – let’s be honest!)

P1060654 P1060639 P1060653

Aside from the multitude of colourful Maiolica pottery there are plenty of other artistic delights to pore over.

P1060656 P1060659 P1060660

From art shops and abstract images to tiny tiles spelling out everyone’s love of the town, there’s little dots of colour to be found everywhere.


Here’s a few more of the colourful tiles and ceramics that adorn every street, wall, step and doorway.

P1060711 P1060712 P1060719

I am enchanted by the oversized, human head plant pots. Some are traditional Moorish style heads while others are a more contemporary take on the original style.

P1060729 P1060759 P1060731

Another common feature across Sicily are the intricate, hand painted tiles that adorn walls.

P1060788 P1060787 P1060786

Used as decoration and for advertising purposes, these detailed scenes are little masterpieces in their own right.

P1060818The Bam Bar is one particularly fine example of how these tiles are used to great effect to advertise local delicacies.

P1060820 P1060825 P1060821

Featuring Sicilian traditions such as the delicious crushed fruity iced treat Granite as well as Limoncello and Arancia – meat or cheese filled rice balls.

P1060819If all this tiling gets a bit too much then why not take some time to enjoy other expressions of individual artiness?

P1060804 P1060803 P1060795

Whether it’s an electricity meter or a corrugated garage door, nothing escapes embellishment and decoration.


Even relatively grey, dull buildings get a dose of charm with eclectic collections of ceramics and plants.

P1060795 P1060791 P1060789

Here’s a close up of the delightful detailing on this backstreet door that had me very over excited!

P1060793 P1060784 P1060794

Clearly someone out there enjoys covering everything in pattern, (almost as much as I enjoy photographing it!)


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