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Back in Catania we head for one of the colourful local markets. Of course I lead the way, camera in hand, while the man needs a caffeine fortification!

We see some gorgeous, almost sculptural vegetables. We are not too sure what this particular one is, it could be Kohlrabi.


Delicate blush pink artichokes could almost pass as pretty floral bouquets.


Below is some vivid purple cauliflower or Cavolfiore to be all Italian about it.


As well as the mountains of rainbow bright veg there’s the usual collection of nuts and dried fruits.

I love secretly snapping the stall holders as they go about their business! (slightly creepy I know)


All manner of salad leaves are piled high. Below Cestino Di Rucola (roughly translates as basket of arugula – a type of salad rocket)

This stall holder is almost dwarfed by his impressive pumpkin display.


Less tasty are the slimy snails that still writhe and tumble over each other!

Bags of spices, mountains of string beans and meat and cheese.

There’s also non edible things for sale from incense sticks to colourful rugs and garish fake flowers.

More bags of nuts, pumpkins and aubergines so shiny that they look polished.

Fresh fish are carefully displayed on mountains of crushed ice.

Knock off perfumes, plump little mushrooms and more spices.

Rounded off with a few more of the impressive purple cauliflowers.



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