Maze of markets

Madrid has a host of markets to enjoy and El Rasto is one of the best known and well established. It’s a transient flea market that offers a wide range of goods from clothes to traditional food and random antiques. Stalls are grouped by goods for sale, whether it’s antique books, weird object d’art orContinue reading “Maze of markets”

Traditional Portuguese market

Next up on our Portuguese jaunt are of a traditional market in Cascais. First up we sample a sweet regional speciality – Ginjinha or simply Ginja. It’s a portuguese liqueur made by infusing ginja berries, (sour cherry)  in alcohol  and adding sugar together with other ingredients. It’s served in an adorable little chocolate cup – hereContinue reading “Traditional Portuguese market”

More market malarky

We head deeper into the barely contained chaos that is Palermo’s Capo market. Beset on all sides by jewel bright vegetables, slimy snails and red raw animal heads! Note how the man looks supremely defensive on all the photos with hands securely over any valuables – markets are prime pickpocketing areas so beware. Briefly seekingContinue reading “More market malarky”

Colourful Capri stalls

Still shifting through the past few years worth of photos in search of favourite market piccies. Here’s a myriad of colourful delights from the gorgeous little island of Capri. From the obvious Italian pastas to the island’s preocupation with lemons, there are so many lovely little knick knacks. There are also lots of incredible paintedContinue reading “Colourful Capri stalls”