Baroque Noto

The next stop on our Sicilian tour is Noto a masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque.


In 2002 Noto and its church were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The current town, rebuilt after the earthquake in 1693 was planned on a grid system by Giovanni Battista Landolina.

Its flanks of epic buildings, made of soft tufa stone, lead to it being dubbed the “Stone Garden” by Cesare Brandi


The town is rightly famous for its beautiful 18th century and is considered among the main masterpieces in the Sicilian baroque style.

Above are just some of the impressive buildings to be found including Noto Cathedral.

Above to the right you can see the ornate facade of The church of St. Charles Borromeo.


Intriguing traditional souvenirs can be found including spinning tops,  a traditional mouth harp also known as  Jew’s Harp.

This unusual item is a small instrument held between the teeth and struck with a finger. It can produce only one note, but harmonics are sounded by the player altering the shape of the mouth cavity.


Next up we head to the rooftops to take in a bird’s eye view of this beautiful town.


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